Weekly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes N°24 - Veg For Din

Weekly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes N°24

Welcome to the weekly vegetarian dinner recipes series where my goal is to help you spend LESS time searching the internet for new vegetarian recipes so that you can enjoy MORE time cooking or doing other things that you love.

We’re in week 24.

Below, you will find a brief description and any tips I might have for the recipe or substitutions that were made.

Monday: Jo Mama’s World Famous Spaghetti

Jo Mama's World Famous Spaghetti

This spaghetti dish is amazing! It’s so filling and packed with flavor. I made one substitution by swapping normal Italian sausage for Tofurky’s Italian sausage and it turned out just wonderfully.

Tuesday: Sheet Pan Baked Feta with Broccolini, Tomatoes and Lemon

vegetarian dinner recipes: Sheet Pan Baked Feta with Broccolini, Tomatoes and Lemon

What a delicious combo of veggies with this creamy baked feta. I couldn’t find broccolini at the store so I swapped it for regular old broccoli but it was still perfectly yummy! The veggies and feta were served over a bed of orzo.

Wednesday: Easy Vegan Moussaka

Easy Vegan Moussaka

I’ve made a vegan moussaka before but with potatoes on top, this was the first time making it with a cashew béchamel and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! It was filled with layers of roasted eggplants and a creamy tomato lentil sauce. Served with a side salad.

Thursday: Ratatouille


Basically everything in this recipe came from our garden. There is something so special about homegrown and it just tastes 1,000x better. Eggplants, tomatoes, squash, pepper and onions… yum! Don’t forget to serve it with a toasty buttered baguette.

Friday: Foolproof Pan Pizza

vegetarian dinner recipes: Foolproof Pan Pizza

Making a pizza this way is something I’ll be doing a lot more often! The pizza crust was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside with no soggy bottoms in sight! I used store bought dough instead of homemade to cut down on time and dirty dishes without any issues.

In Summary –

Another week of delicious dinners in the books! I’m sure you will find some lifelong favorites with these recipes. I know I have!

I hope you enjoyed these weekly vegetarian dinner recipes and that it helped to save you some time or at the very least sparked some dinner inspiration for the week ahead. Until next time. 🙂

Happy Cooking!

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Did you try any of these recipes? Leave a comment below and let me know how you made out!

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