Weekly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes N°20 - Veg For Din

Weekly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes N°20

Welcome to the weekly vegetarian dinner recipes series where my goal is to help you spend LESS time searching the internet for new vegetarian recipes so that you can enjoy MORE time cooking or doing other things that you love.

We’re in week 20.

Below, you will find a brief description and any tips I might have for the recipe or substitutions that were made.

Monday: One Pot Fresh Corn Mac and Cheese

One Pot Fresh Corn Mac and Cheese

It was the corn for me, those little morsels of sweet with every bite were a welcome addition to mac and cheese. The dish also has Vidalia onion, scallions and creamy Colby jack.

One pot meals are the best because who doesn’t love to save time on the clean up?

A side salad was served alongside the mac and cheese which is something we typically do to add more nutrients to our meal.

Tuesday: Italian Cheese and Tomato Pie

Vegetarian dinner recipes: Italian Cheese and Tomato Pie

A savory tart? Yes please! It’s super simple to make! Layer mozzarella and gouda cheese then add the sliced tomatoes, top with Italian herbs and bake. Voila! We served this with a side salad.

My only recommendation, especially if you use a frozen pie crust is to add breadcrumbs to the base before adding the cheese and tomatoes. The bottom of mine was a little soggy and I believe this would have remedied the problem.

Wednesday: Summertime Risotto

Summertime Risotto

Risotto is a staple in my household year-round so I’m always trying to find new ways of making it. It’s summer here in Maine so what better then to make a summertime risotto!

Fresh zucchini, summer squash and spinach were ready in the garden to be picked for this recipe, what luck!

It doesn’t take much effort to make risotto but you have to be patient and stir for 25 minutes consistently, it’s a short labor of love for something so delicious.

Top the Risotto with freshly grated parmesan cheese and cracked pepper. Serve with a side salad because #health. So good!

Thursday: Vegan Tuna Poke Bowl

Vegetarian dinner recipes: Vegan Tuna Poke Bowl

Beets as tuna? I never would have though of that as a replacement but it’s seriously genius! The beets are simmered in lime juice, rice vinegar, sesame oil, miso paste and soy sauce that creates a nice umami flavor and then they are baked in the oven.

Served with brown rice and fresh vegetables, a drizzle of an avocado wasabi dressing and a sprinkle of sesame seeds is just perfection. Everyone licked their platters clean!

Friday: Vegetarian Fajitas

Vegetarian dinner recipes: Vegetarian Fajitas

Another quick and delicious meal! These no fuss vegetarian fajitas use minimal ingredients but provide tons of flavor with the spices and caramelized onions. I couldn’t find portobello mushrooms but baby bells worked out just fine.

Top them with cheese, cilantro, sour cream and a fresh squeeze of lime, Yum!

It’s best to use a cast iron skillet because for these fajitas because it helps caramelize the onions and char up the peppers with ease.

In Summary –

Another week of delicious dinners in the books! I’m sure you will find some lifelong favorites with these recipes. I know I have!

I hope you enjoyed these weekly vegetarian dinner recipes and that it helped to save you some time or at the very least sparked some dinner inspiration for the week ahead. Until next time. 🙂

Happy Cooking!

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Did you try any of these recipes? Leave a comment below and let me know how you made out!

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